Crab in the lingering winter Crab in the lingering winter

Muromachi Wakuden

Crab in the lingering winter


Taiza crab is said to be most delicious in February, when winter’s cold reaches its peak. We offer these freshly delivered crabs, which stand out for their sweetness and high-quality meat, grilled over charcoal fire and shabu-shabu style.

Moroko, a type of longtooth grouper, might be Kyoto’s most loved fish. Though small in size, moroko plays a significant role in the city’s cuisine. A sharp drop in numbers has made the fish, a species unique to Lake Biwa, a valuable catch. This season, you can enjoy the exceptionally delicious moroko, with eggs and milt included, as tempura.

Our ancestors thought that grains and fruits had divine spirits that drove away malicious forces. We have placed yuba (tofu sheets made from soybeans that are said to extinguish evil) and cauliflower inside a yuzu peel “pot”. The rich soup of yuzu-scented cauliflower warms the body from the core. 

For “Fukimiso-glazed amberjack,” we spread a glaze of butterbur shoots—a telltale sign of early spring—and red miso onto plump and fatty pre-spawn amberjack, and then roast it over charcoal. The bitterness and aroma of the butterbur combines with the savory scent of the charcoal-grilled amberjack to make a delightfully tantalizing dish.