Chrysanthemum bowl Chrysanthemum bowl

Muromachi Wakuden

Chrysanthemum bowl


Japan’s Kiku Matsuri (Chrysanthemum Flower Festival) symbolizes youthful longevity and the driving away of evil spirits. For the occasion, we bring you an autumn bowl filled with chrysanthemum and yuba. (Lunch course)

Spiny lobster with gingko and sea urchin
The season for Ise ebi, or spiny lobster, is upon us. This dish features stuffed lobster dressed with autumn gingko.

Tsukimi (moon viewing) tofu
Free-range eggs from Kyoto, cooked slowly over a flame, star in this simple but richly flavored dish.

Matsutake mushrooms wrapped with pike conger eel (hamo) and grilled over charcoal, then served with plum sauce. The mushrooms and eel pair beautifully in this masterpiece of autumn cuisine.