Kamo Eggplant Kamo Eggplant

Muromachi Wakuden

Kamo Eggplant


The season for Takagamine Kamo eggplant is upon us. Freshly picked each morning, Kyoto’s heirloom eggplants are known for their delicate texture and their squat and round shape. Early season Kamo eggplants, seedless and deliciously sweet and mild, are especially prized. We serve them grilled over charcoal with a light brushing of soy sauce and an accompaniment of ginger.

Young Sweetfish from Lake Biwa
The sweetfish (ayu) from Lake Biwa are petite and can be eaten from head to tail, bones and all. The name of this fish, a member of the smelt family, comes from its watermelon-like aroma. We grill the small sweetfish slowly over charcoal to bring you a crispy outside and fluffy inside. Dip them in water-pepper vinegar (tadezu) to enhance the flavor even more and feel the coolness of early summer.