Akagai (Ark Shell) Akagai (Ark Shell)

Muromachi Wakuden

Akagai (Ark Shell)


Shellfish are one of the oldest ingredients for Japanese cuisine, said to have been eaten in the archipelago since the Jōmon period. Spring is their peak season. Ark shell from Oita prefecture are extra plump, some weighing up to 500 grams. Now, before they spawn, is the best time to enjoy their delectable savory yet sweet flavor and beachy aroma, which we complement with vinegared miso.

“Sakura shrimp and rapeseed rice” is served only for lunch. Sakura shrimp, called the “jewels of the sea,” are a spring ingredient with a delightful fragrant smell, hence the name. We combine them with tempura rape blossoms, which bring a delightfully bitter savoriness unique to this season. By all means, please try this delicious, vividly colored rice dish.