Taiza Crab Taiza Crab

Muromachi Wakuden

Taiza Crab


At last the ban on catching Taiza crab, known as the apparition of the Tango peninsula, has been lifted. We will be serving freshly delivered crabs, seductively sweet and of impeccable quality that shines on its own, roasted over charcoal or as shabu-shabu.

Matsutake Mushroom Bowl
The distinctive flavors of matsutake mushrooms and soup stock made with Kyoto well water are beyond comparison. Everything truly delicious is concealed in the ingredients.

Gingko Dumpling
Raw gingko, strained and kneaded, blended together with soft cod roe. The richness of the roe and the bittersweet umami of the gingko combine to create a wonderfully refined flavor.