Chilled Sea Urchin and Tomato Soup Chilled Sea Urchin and Tomato Soup

Muromachi Wakuden

Chilled Sea Urchin and Tomato Soup


Stroll around Kyoto in July and you’ll find dumpling-shaped talismans hanging on doorways, marking homes as “Descendants of Somin Shōrai” (蘇民将来之子孫也). A nod to the legend of a poor man who offered food to a god disguised as a weary traveler and received generous blessings in return, the talisman is said to offer protection from disease and misfortune. Food can improve one’s quality of life, just as the character 食 suggests. What better reminder than a dish to celebrate the summer harvest, carefully nurtured and free of pesticides: sea urchin and tomatoes from Umemoto Farm in Kyotango blended together in a chilled soup.

Sea Perch and Kuzu Noodle Bowl
Seasonal sea perch and noodles made of arrowroot, or kuzu, are synonymous with summer in Japan. The smooth texture of the noodles and the fatty flesh of the sea perch in combination delight the palate and the whole body. This is the perfect bowl for the hot season.

Kuwana Clam Tempura
Clams this time of year are at their best. Plump, juicy, and full of flavor, some grow so large that their shells burst open. We offer them in tempura, which locks in the savory flavor.