Springtime: From Mountain to Sea Springtime: From Mountain to Sea

Kodaiji Wakuden

Springtime: From Mountain to Sea


Natural Japanese peppercorns—male flowers (hana sansho) and leaf buds (kinome)—brought in from Kyoto and Nara. We prepare a shabu shabu of Tanba beef and hana sansho, and for the first time sprinkle in the pepper leaf buds too.

Freshly dug bamboo shoots from Oharano, parboiled without using rice bran (often added to remove bitterness) then quickly grilled over charcoal to bring out the delightful savory aroma. The sweetness of the shoots really stands out. Best not to hesitate—this year’s smaller harvest will go fast.

Fine-spotted flounder (meitagarei) from Tokuyama Bay, Yamaguchi prefecture. We slice up the thick, fleshy part of the body and serve it raw. A deep, rich taste to be savored before the rainy season sets in.